Qualcomm calls for iPhone sales ban for Germany

Qualcomm calls iPhone sales ban – The dispute between Apple and chip maker Qualcomm goes into the next round. The supplier requires a iPhone sales ban and wants to banish the smartphone from the German shop counters.

Qualcomm calls iPhone sales ban

The chip maker and Apple supplier Qualcomm has filed a lawsuit in Mannheim and Munich and wants to obtain a sales ban on the iPhone. Specifically, it’s about a simultaneous ban on imports of manufactured in Asia models and damages.

The dispute between Apple and Qualcomm smoldering for some time. In the eyes of Apple’s Qualcomm uses its market position to put manufacturers under pressure and demands too much money for licenses and patents. As a result, the company refuses to pay, but uses Qualcomm’s technologies continues.

Qualcomm against Apple

Unlike in the US Qualcomm requested an import ban on all iPhone models, including those in which an Intel chip is used. Such devices are common, especially in Europe.

The German legal system applies to patent litigation as particularly attractive. The courts often rule in favor of patent holders, work quickly and put decisions through rigorous. In the past, Samsung and Apple already had quarreled over several years before German courts. Even though it was mostly gone in the patent and licensing issues.



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