Doom (2016): Season Pass is free, multiplayer reworked

Doom (2016): Season Pass is free, revised multiplayer

With update 6.66 of the multiplayer mode of Doom from the year 2016 (Test) is turned upside down properly on several points. Following the amendments to the Season Pass is pushed onto the old part and the progression decoupled from the accident. the new features can be tried as part of a free weekend.

From now on all DLCs are available for free, which adds online modes for all players to nine additional cards, three guns, three demons and other equipment. New items, weapons and demons are also not random or unlocked by purchasing a DLCs. Instead, Bethesda has concentrated on a classical system, the game time and skills as currency.

Prerequisite for the use of new equipment are ” level requirements and / or in-game challenges .” The company was ” confident that new and old players alike will enjoy the control and predictability in this new system .” Implicitly, the company confirmed with this statement how little random-based systems are needed for fun – they serve primarily to boost sales. The statement is also an admission so that has not ignited the micro transaction concept for Doom.

Progress is reset

As part of this change, all user accounts are reset to the starting level. But already activated equipment is lost not mandatory: veterans have the opportunity to completely reset their progress or retain all previously accessible weapons, skins and demons. In this case, only the pure player level is reset.

disappear hack modules

Hack modules are Eying next to the accident progression. The one-time usable booster cards are replaced with a rune system that is based on the single player campaign. This is how Bethesda writes to permanent capacity cards that can be selected in the fitting window. Runes do not have to be activated and grant permanent bonuses. You do, unlike Module, a ” stable and predictable part of loadouts and playing style ” are. HUD and menu structures have also been revised. The full patch notes and FAQ can be found in Bethesda forum.


In order to attract new users, the game from July 20, can be played two days for free on the PC and the Xbox One. On the PlayStation 4, the test weekend begin until next week beginning July 27. While the multiplayer mode and the map editor snap Map can be unlimited tested way to explore only two Level long campaign. Achieved game progress can be transferred to the full version, which is offered discounted during the test phase.



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