Deadly living longer – Google Glass is back … but not for all

It was a long time quiet around the data glasses Google Glass, but after about two years of development time, Alphabet has now announced its new version. This is explicitly addressed to companies in the processing industry, logistics and healthcare and is already in use at some companies. Now Glass will be publicly available for companies, not for us geeks. At least for the time being. One would like to avoid with Google the fiasco, which had not triggered the glasses themselves, but their acceptance in the population. Keyword “glasshole”.

Correctly, the glasses after Google’s restructuring to Alphabet now called “Glass Enterprise Edition” and is already in use with not exactly the smallest company. At DHL, employees use the glasses to scan packets in the warehouse and are shown on the display, which goods are to be processed next and placed in the appropriate containers. According to DHL, the efficiency is thus increased by 15 per cent, as the employees do not have to constantly rumfuchteln and check lists.

Volkswagen and more than 50 other companies also use the glasses, mostly in cooperation with partner companies that implement the interfaces. Much of these companies specialize in the logistics sector, but there are also providers for training in industry and telemedicine.

The spectacles can be adapted for the respective industries so that the display and the technology in the bracket are installed, for example, on safety goggles. An employee in a workshop does not then have to change habitually or constantly change the spectacles, but gets augmented reality content presented on his usual work device. For example, assembly instructions for complex machines.

Should Alphabet decide to make a consumer variant again, one could implement the same for IKEA building instructions. And, of course, for a lot of Social Media-Schnickshnack, the Mark Zuckerberg probably just the blood from the brain to other regions divert. Or Alphabet uses Glass to revamp Google+, but this is also speculation, because for the time being the glasses remains an enterprise product.

Alphabet has not mentioned a price, which is probably due to the fact that the glasses can be individually configured for each company. If you want Glass Enterprise Edition to be used in your company, you can definitely be interested in this link.



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