Apple: Will Samsung win the battle for the best smartphone design?

Apple and Samsung, the infinite story. The Koreans have been supplying components for the company from Cupertino for years, but they have also been fighting on the smartphone market for years – if they have to, they are also taking the courts and suing the others.

The fact that these two – together with more and more Chinese manufacturers – are calling for the favor of the customers will not change so quickly. However, the signs have changed over the years: from the radiant power of the first iPhone, with the Apple completely changed the market, is not really much left much more.

This is because other companies – Samsung front-end – can also build top-of-the-line smartphones and last but not least, the real innovations in the iPhone in recent years are rather sparsely visible.

We live in times when we can buy smartphones for a quarter of the iPhone or Galaxy price, and yet they are good enough to be large enough for large parts of the smartphone users. Things such as functional adjustment features or the design of the device are becoming more and more important for the purchase decision of the customers.

And precisely in the design – always the paradigmic appeal of Apple – the Californians has gone out of breath. The reason is the lack of fresh ideas after the death of the Apple icon Steve Jobs – says at least Hugh Dubberly, once creative director at Apple. Spicy detail to Dubberly: He also sat at Samsung in the Global Design Advisory Board. This makes him a perfect contact when it comes to design issues that concern both companies.

Not surprisingly, the Wall Street Journal asks, and the man, who once stood with Apple on the salary, then also interesting. In his opinion, Samsung has suspended Apple and it does not even depend primarily on the fact that Samsung would have become so much better:

It’s not so much that Samsung has gotten better, but Apple has fundamentally changed. The pipeline that Steve [Jobs] started is over. Hugh Dubberly

Just as Dubberly assesses the situation, the death of Steve Jobs is also the source of innovation. It could be deduced that the ideas of the deceased Apple bosses even after his death still in new models have flowed and in the company no one produces visions like the former Apple Mastermind.

Not only analysts estimate the smartphone market so that a large number of buyers are choosing a new handset because of the design. Technically, many devices differ only marginally from one another, so the design question is gaining more and more importance.

Exactly here, Apple is at the latest after the launch of the also visually outstanding Samsung Galaxy S8 in the back meeting. Analysts therefore predict that Apple can only rogue the rudder if the anniversary-planned Apple iPhone 8 brings a real killer feature, with which Samsung can not currently compete.

A fingerprint sensor, which is located below the display glass, could be an all-time feature, but the latest news is that this technology is difficult for Apple. Difficulties to such an extent that it is assumed that at least the jubilee issue of the iPhone can only be bought later than planned.

If the interviewed analysts are correct with their assessment (luckily, from Apple’s point of view, they do not always do it), then this new version of Touch ID could be the tune on the scale during the battle between Apple and Samsung on the smartphone- buffet.

My personal assessment: Yes, Apple is indeed in the back meeting, in terms of design and also different functions. Nevertheless, the top handsets of both companies are still on my mind for my perception, especially since Apple always understands the iPhone so that software and hardware perfectly match.

In the long term, both Apple and Samsung will get less from the entire smartphone cake, but the competition in China alone will provide. Nevertheless, both will hold their own in the front and I would not be surprised if the one, sometimes the other, is ahead.

Already the faithful and loyal fans of the Cupertino smartphone will ensure that the sales figures once again shoot through the ceiling. With the undecided buyers, however, I could well imagine that with a growing part the pendulum more and more towards Samsung, Apple should not present quickly once again instead of only can follow. What do you think?



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