Demands: Intel’s ambitions at Wearables are at an end

Stellenabbau: Intels Ambitionen bei Wearables sind am Ende

Intel has set its own ambitions in the product category Wearables. This is reported by CNBC, citing a person familiar with the predecessors. Rumors about this project had already existed at the end of 2016. Intel’s only single product in the segment was a flop.

Activities completely discontinued

According to CNBC, Intel, according to TechCrunch, had indeed already released 80% of the employees employed in this area at the end of 2016 or moved it elsewhere. Two weeks ago, the area had now been completely closed. The focus of the New Technologies Group is now on the topic of augmented reality. The developments in the mixed-reality glasses Project Alloy should be part of this.

Intel announced the entry into the market for wearables in 2014 as a crucial future strategy. In addition to the provision of technologies for partners’ products, their own terminals should also be developed. The first Smartwatch from Intel turned out to be a flop: the base peak could neither convince with its design or its functions, the complete recall because of burn risk gave the rest of the project.

An own product and two promotional projects

The base peak available on the market since November 2014 was the first (purchased) product from the wearables category for everyone and at the same time an opportunity for Intel to gain expertise in the field. Although the watch, at analysts’ prices, never exceeded a market share of one percent, it paved the way for further partnerships like Fossil and Tag Heuer.

In addition to the base, Recon Instruments has taken over the past few years and invested heavily in the VR eyewear manufacturer Vuzix.



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