Titanic 2: Cooperative Horde Mode available from July 25th

Titanium Case 2: Co-operative Horde mode available since July 25,

EA and Respawn Entertainment to continue working on new content for the multiplayer shooter Titanfall 2 (test): On July 25, the game via an update to the cooperative Horde Mode “Frontier Defense” is extended. In addition, new skins can be purchased through DLC.

Frontier Defense can be played by up to four players in five levels of difficulty. As a battlefield are variants known five cards available, with more to come. In the new game mode it is in the group to defend a “collector” before ever increasing waves of enemies. Opponents defeated serve as a source of income, the funds thus obtained can be used to purchase tools such as batteries, traps and other new tools.

Titans get in Frontier Defense also “Aegis ranks”, which can be increased by completed matches in the new game mode. Ranks switch upgrades free, enhancing the effectiveness and are higher difficulties beneficial. Here, players will also meet new opponents.

new DLCs

With the update also introduced “elite war paints”. This is to skins for weapons and Titans, which are offered as paid DLC. The weapon skins give the equipment not only an unusual painting, but also players a chance to double the amount collected in a tray-match experience points. There is also through the skins a chance the number of units “merit” for the player and his team to increase. The paintings must not be equipped for these additional effects.

The paintings for the Titans work in a similar, but not identical: the skins only available until August 28, granting the player and his team a fixed bonus on accumulated experience points. In addition, the coatings have a shoulder that changes depending on the highest difficulty mastered the Frontier Defense mode.

Increasing numbers of players, free weekend in late July

Despite a relatively slow start, the developers also show in the blog to play with the current development of the numbers of players satisfied: The title was the mark of ” more than one million active users per month achieved” and grow month after month on, writes Respawn. Further efforts to growth are already planned. This momentum is to be maintained in the future. From 28 to 30 July, the shooter can be tried for free as part of a free weekend so until September he will be made up as Battlefield 1 as part of the EA-access and Origin-access offer playable without additional costs.



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