Congstar: New streaming option with Tidal music service

congstarcongstar streaming option – congstar offers its customers immediately to a streaming option in cooperation with the music service Tidal. The option is available for the congstar rates Smart, Allnet Flat and Allnet Flat Plus and provides more than 48.5 million songs.

congstar streaming option

In the online store of congstar there is now a new streaming option available to the customers of the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary to over 48.5 million songs and access more than 175,000 music videos. congstar working to that end with the music service Tidal together.

The congstar music option costs EUR 8.99 per month and can be booked on tariffs Smart, Allnet Flat and Allnet Flat Plus. congstar customers benefit from a discount of 10 percent, regular costs Tidal Premium 9.99 euros per month. The music streaming is included in normal or high sound quality to 320 Kbit / s (AAC), music videos are transmitted in HD with the best sound quality.

congstar Music Option 6 months free

To start the new option congstar provides the music option in the first six months free of charge. It was not until the seventh month 8.99 euros per month will be charged. Deactivation is always the end of the calendar month possible.

congstar indicates that, in the mobile use of the mobile data volume is used. A data-streaming neutral as it offers such as the Telekom as part of StreaMon option for numerous partner services is not included.




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