PTC Creo Product Insight, all the power of IT in product design

Creo Product Insight di PTC, tutta la potenza dell’IoT nella progettazione di prodotto

PTC has the features of Creo Product Insight. Naturally integrated with the ThingWorx Industrial Internet of Things platform, Creo Product Insight adds a new dimension to the design process: the actual IoT data connection. With Creo Product Insight, designers can better understand the use and behavior of products and, consequently, design them proactively using custom data streams by integrating sensors already in the design process.

Creo and ThingWorx work together to provide designers with new levels of product and service information, which enable them to make better design choices and help create smart and connected products.

When designing, Creo Product Insight lets you say goodbye to any kind of supposition, reconnecting real data with the original CAD model, its digital twin, and optimizing the product sensor strategy since, by inserting them into the design process, Provides the required secure and customized data streams.

Among the benefits that Creo Product Insight offers designers are:

  • Analysis and efficient use of multiple streams of performance data from prototypes equipped and testing equipment;
  • Improving the quality, performance and durability of present and future products, ensuring a new generation of IoT projects realized from data collected during field activities;
  • Optimizing positioning and use of sensors to extract essential data and reduce costs, thanks to accurate data tracking to support downstream processes;
  • Exploiting product information as a service to create new business opportunities.

“In our industry speed is everything, from every point of view. Solutions such as Creo Product Insight provide us with the right tools to quickly bring new and exciting products to the motorbike market, “said Tamir Plachinsky, CEO of Griiip. “An example? Just think of the extraordinary opportunity offered by Creo Product Insight to our engineers to receive real-time track data to improve the design process. ”

“PTC adds the power of Intuition and Increased Reality (AR) to its CAD and PLM portfolio: it’s like putting the turbo into the design process,” said Paul Sagar, Vice President, CAD Products Management, PTC. “Creo Product Insight allows designers to detect and connect real performance data to the original CAD model, allowing proactive design of smart and connected products.”



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