MIDY is the app that does not want to raise your elbow

It’s called the Mobile Intervention for Drinking in Young People (MIDY) and is a new application designed to help users moderate alcohol intake.

In fact, this is an app that, through a series of notifications, reminds the “drinker” that the next day has so many daily activities to deal with and it is better not to exaggerate.

“Do you have to work tomorrow?” Or “What are you thinking about coming home?” Are two examples of questions studied by developers of MIDY, a group of developers at Victoria University in Australia, to entice users not to get their hands on Alcohol and “sballo”.

A first pilot project to assess the reliability of this system has already been conducted and the results seem to be very positive.

This is not the first case of using smartphones to promote the health of young people and will certainly not be the last one. Indeed, in the future smart approaches to these issues should become more and more frequent.



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