Lightroom Mobile: More features for iOS, more overview for Android

Lightroom Mobile: More features for iOS, more overview for Android

Adobe has upgraded the mobile version of its RAW development tool Lightroom for Android to version 3.0 and for iOS to version 2.8. While the developers have completely revised the interface of the Android version, the iOS version still has the greater functionality.

Android version with new interface

In the new Android interface, Adobe put great emphasis on a compact exterior, leaving more space for the display of the image, which can be edited better. The areas of light, color and effects were adjusted in their appearance of the iOS version, which means that all controllers can now be displayed simultaneously.

IOS with new brush and 3D touch support

In the iOS version, the interface has only been slightly adapted to that of the large desktop brother, but users are now given a selective brush for corrections, which can be controlled via the 3D touch function in terms of intensity. The same applies to the pen support of the iPad Pro. In addition, radial flow filters can now be selectively canceled.

In addition, iOS users are now able to access the details palette already known from the desktop version, which controls the reduction of image noise as well as the control of the intensity, radius, details and masking of the sharpness algorithm. When using the App’s internal Lightroom camera, you can now display overlaid areas, which in turn allows faster editing.

New cameras and lenses included

Both versions support additional cameras and lenses, a complete listing can be viewed at Adobe.

Adobe Lightroom 3.0 for Android is now available free of charge in the Play Store, Lightroom 2.8 for the iPhone as well as the iPad are also available free of charge via Apple’s App Store.



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