Talend accelerates the development of Big Data pipeline for Microsoft Azure

Talend accelera lo sviluppo di pipeline di Big Data per Microsoft Azure

Talend announces a new range of Talend Data Fabric connector connectors that helps customers quickly migrate business data sources to Microsoft Azure to create more efficient and scalable cloud data pipelines for real-time analysis.

“Today’s companies are aware that Cloud technology is their new business growth engine and they feel the need to link their on-premise data with those that come from big data sources like the data lake,” says Ashley Stirrup, CMO of Talend. “We are excited to collaborate with Microsoft to provide a comprehensive solution to scale in the big data workload cloud. While other data integration solutions connect only with few data sources, Talend Data Fabric’s Summer ’17 release includes in-depth and native functionality that can help customers quickly migrate a large amount of on-premise data sources Towards Cloud Azure, and to optimize cloud data pipelines, speeding up analysis activities. ”

A research conducted by Gartner indicates that “many IT departments in both small and large companies are trying to implement cloud strategies; However, the results of these efforts are not necessarily increasing the competitiveness of the companies, at least in terms of publicly available cloud services.1 “Rather, many companies are dramatically undermining the scope and pace in which their technology stacks are changing in ‘Multi-cloud era and the impact they are having on both IT operations and overall capacity to meet growing business needs.

The new set of Talend connectors for Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse, SQL Database, CosmosDB, Data Lake Store, Queue Storage and Table Storage provides business agility, enabling customers to quickly integrate, analyze, and transmit large data into the cloud to power the data, Innovation and achieve a competitive advantage. In addition to Talend’s existing connectivity with Microsoft Azure HDInsight and Blob Storage, these new Microsoft Azure connectors allow customers to:

  • Simplify the creation of data pipelines for Azure developers
  • Easily integrate streaming and historical data for detailed context information
  • Quickly move on-premise data into the Azure cloud
  • Scale data quality for big data using data matching and auto learning powered by Spark
  • Improve DevOps productivity to manage security and big-cluster configuration

“We are very pleased to see how our partnership with Talend grows thanks to the full support it can provide to Microsoft Azure,” says Microsoft Corp. Lance Olson, Director for Microsoft Azure. “The Amplitude and Depth of Integration Which provide some of our top-of-the-line services in Hadoop, Data Warehousing, Data Lakes, Storage and NoSQL, enable our business customers to take full advantage of all cloud cloud services and to speed up their cloud-first strategy. ”

Newgistics, a leader in end-to-end e-commerce solutions for the best retailers and brands, has expressed its need to consolidate its compartmentalized systems into a unified data warehouse to obtain “a single version of Truth “for a better decision-making process.

“We’re moving our multi-terabyte of legacy on-premise data into a given Microsoft Azure lake to reduce time to organize and analyze data for decision-making, ranging from several hours to just 15 minutes or so,” Puru says Agrawal, vice president of Data Services at Newgistics. “Having the ability to access data trees eliminates the risk of ‘interrupting’ a transactional system when responding to company analyst requests for more data, speeding up production times, and unlocking our ability to apply machine learning for new insights, Forecasts and decision making. Talend provides us with those replication and data transformation capabilities needed to develop a framework that radically modifies our way of working and increases customer satisfaction. “



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