Bluetooth LE now allows you to create mesh networks to improve home automation

The Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group), has announced that it is adding support for mesh networks in the standard Bluetooth LE , in order to provide a simple and scalable solution for home automation. This feature makes it easier to create networks of sensors and IoT devices that can communicate directly with each other to automate certain tasks.

The support mesh networks will be available on all devices that support the standard Bluetooth 4.0 LE and higher, as of yesterday. Not only will our homes to benefit from new, but also offices and other workplaces, with various intelligent systems that can communicate with each other in a much more efficient from an energy saving point of view.

Within the next six months, the Bluetooth SIG expects to see grow exponentially the number of products to support the new feature. Many of them will be a new concept, but through the appropriate software update, many of the existing devices will become even smarter.



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