China raises the level of censorship by blocking the sharing of photos and videos on WhatsApp

Facebook may soon leave China, following a new and restrictive measures adopted by the local censorship that is making the survival of foreign realities increasingly difficult. The Chinese authorities are tightening the laws, which require foreign companies to keep data in China, as he recently did Apple, which has built a local data center.

The latest victim of these restrictions seem to be WhatsApp that, as reported several users, prevents forward pictures and videos and, in some cases, even to send text messages. It is currently unclear why the partial blockage but it seems that the most popular instant messaging app might soon be completely banned from China.

After the blocking of Facebook and Instagram, which occurred in recent years, it seems that the last app Zuckerberg is about to be cut off from the Chinese border through the Great Firewall. While it is less freedom for Chinese users, the other the massive spread of WeChat will not weigh much more than the absence of WhatsApp from smartphones in that country.



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