Eazy rates right and cancel

Eazy tariffs right to cancel – The recently launched eazy tariffs in the cable network of Unitymedia have some stumbling blocks. Eazy customers who wish to revoke or terminate their contract should respect the correct addressing.

Eazy tariffs started

Eazy has recently launched a new Internet and fixed-line network provider, which implements its products through Unitymedia’s cable network. The offers are offered online and via hotline and are comparatively cheap with 11.99 euros for 20 Mbps and 19.99 euros for 50 Mbps.

While the booking of the tariffs eazy20 and eazy50 is comparatively easy, a revocation and the cancellation lurk some Stolpersteine. Above all, the right addressee to submit the revocation or cancellation could be a problem for some customers.

Eazy tariffs of the Vertriebswerk GmbH in the network of Unitymedia

Eazy is a trademark of Vertriebswerk GmbH, which specializes in the distribution of various telecommunication solutions and products. The contract partner of the customer and thus the service provider is however after the booking however Unitymedia. This results in various addresses that must be used for communication.

While the revocation must be directed to Vertriebswerk GmbH within 14 days, the contract will be terminated by Unitymedia. Customers who get an incorrect address and send the revocation to Unitymedia or the termination to the Vertriebswerk GmbH must expect that the letters are not processed or are not processed in a timely manner. Anyone who misses the applicable deadlines may have to keep the contract for the minimum contract term of 24 months or an automatic extension for another 12 months.

The two tariffs are available at www.eazy.de. The notice period for the eazy tariffs is two months at the end of the term.



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