FIFA 14: Operation of online servers is discontinued

FIFA 14: Betrieb der Online-Server wird eingestellt

EA sets the ax: On 18 October 2017, the online servers of the then four-year-old FIFA 14 as well as the Ultimate team components will be switched off for all platforms. After the suspension of the operation of FIFA 12 and FIFA 13 on July 3, the series is thus losing its most recent loss.

Only DLCs can be purchased

Meanwhile, FIFA 14 is neither listed on the PS and Xbox Store nor on Origin, but Creation Center DLCs can still be bought. In view of the approaching end, the investment of Euros does not appear to be advisable. Using the subscription services Origin Access and EA Access, the title is still available as part of the vault, but will also be removed there on 18 October. The loss is limited, as FIFA 15, FIFA 16 and FIFA 17 are also part of the Access offer.

While the company had stated that the removal of a title from the offer was “unlikely” and assured that no such plans existed, it guaranteed a lead time of at least 30 days. This was even tripled at FIFA. When the servers are shut down, the remaining stocks of FIFA Points and coins expire, as there is no option to transfer to more modern games in the series. As of October 18, the title can be started, if it is still stored locally on data carriers, online features are no longer available.

The reason: No players

The shutdown of the servers justifies EA with declining player numbers. “They have now reached a point where it is no longer viable to continue the work behind the scenes, which is necessary to continue FIFA 14,” the company writes. How many users were last on the servers can not be seen, because there are no aggregators for FIFA. Legally protected is the procedure by the usage regulations, in which Publisher reserves the right to shut down the servers at any time.

It is, however, interesting to note that only FIFA is the subject of the shutdown wave. As a look in the list to “online service updates” of EA betrays, in the past years and months mobile apps and -absorbents have been set, but not PC titles. Even older games of the series NHL and Madden can continue to be played. Plausible therefore appears that the “work behind the scenes” at FIFA is to a large extent from regularly due license fees.

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