The smartphone market is increasingly dominated by design

The world of smartphones has been radically changed over the last few years, and technological innovation has in part left room for other aspects such as brand design, fashion and image.

According to a new report by The Wall Street Journal, who has to buy a smartphone is influenced in the decision by up to 50% of its design (until recently it was believed that this aspect was only about 7%).

The iPhone in recent years has traced the direction and until recently were just a few smartphones that could challenge the melaphone as much as aesthetics. In the last few months, however, music has changed and a spectacular example are the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, a smartphone with a screaming card and, at the same time, a curious design in the smallest details.

According to Hugh Dubberly, in the past both Apple’s creative director and Samsung designer, reducing the gap between the Korean and US producers is not due to the improvement of the first as well as the end of Steve Jobs’s second boost .

Apple is no longer ahead of rivals with regard to design and now there is no Steve Jobs genius to help her pick up the distances again.

The iPhone 8 might be a key step for Apple to keep up the competition. The risk is that Android overtakes the Cupertino giant even with regard to brand image.



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