BILD connect Flat 2000 and 3000 LTE from 9.95 Euro

image ConnectBILDconnect Flat 2000 and 3000 LTE – Until December 5, 2016, the two BILDconnect Flat 2000 LTE and Flat 3000 LTE prices are available at a special price. The two offers not only contain significantly higher volumes of data, but are also available with a discount of up to € 10 per month.

Image Connect with Europe package

Update from July 18, 2017 In the BILDconnect online shop the BILDconnect tariffs with 2000 and 3000 MB are now available for new customers with a Europe package. Depending on the tariff, the Europa package includes an additional 500 MB or 1 GB for EU-countries (including Switzerland).

The domestic volume can not be used in other EU countries. Customers can switch to the EU standard tariff at any time in the online customer center. The BILDconnect Flat 2000 is at the price of monthly 9.95 Euro currently the cheapest Allnet flat with 2 GB data volume including SMS flat.

BILDconnect Flat 2000 and 3000 LTE

In the Onlineshop of BILDconnect, the two flat rate Flat 2000 LTE and Flat 3000 LTE are available for a few weeks at the promotional price. The two tariffs are implemented via Drillisch in the Telefónica network and access the infrastructures of O2 and E-Plus.

The Flat 2000 LTE with a term of 24 months is available up to and including December 5, 2016 at an offer price of 9.95 euros instead of 12.95 euros per month. The variant without fixed binding costs 12.95 euros instead of 14.95 euros monthly. The tariff includes a voice and SMS flat rate in all German networks as well as a monthly data volume of 2 GB (instead of 1.5 GB) with a maximum LTE speed of 50 Mbit / s.

In the Flat 3000 LTE is also a voice and SMS Flat included in all German networks, the mobile data leaf covers a volume of 3 GB with up to 50 Mbit / s via LTE. The tariff version with running time is available until 5 December 2016 for 12,95 Euro instead of 19,95 Euro, the variant without running time costs 14,95 Euro instead of 24,95 Euro.

BILDconnect with free BILDplus

The two tariffs also include a free EU roaming option worth 7.95 euros. This offers monthly 100 free units from the EU abroad as well as 100 MB for surfing within the EU. Furthermore, BILDconnect customers can access BILDplus free of charge and view the premium content of the Boulevard Magazine.

BILDconnect Flat 2000 and 3000 LTE

The one-time follow-up price is also more favorable in the period of action and is only worth 9.95 euros instead of 29.95 euros. Alternatively, interested parties can also book the entry fee LTE Mini at the price of 6.95 euros or 7.95 euros per month. This offers 150 minutes and 150 SMS in all networks, 750 MB with up to 50 Mbps and BILDplus. It is possible to reset the data contained in the tariffs. In the Flat 2000 LTE and Flat 3000 LTE, this costs 6 Euro and 7 Euro respectively, in the LTE Mini 3 Euro are due.



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