Nine million euros fine for TIM, Vodafone, Wind, Fastweb and Tiscali for distance contracts

The Dark of AGCM, the Competition and Market Authority, has imposed fines of up to € 9 million on five Italian telephone operators. The fines came as a result of the illegal behavior that violated consumer code rules in the field of distance selling.

The subject of the sanctions was TIM, Vodafone, Wind Tre, Tiscali and Fastweb, followed by practices followed by the practice of activating or migrating the line from another operator during the 14 days scheduled to exercise the right of withdrawal, Without obtaining express permission from the consumer.

In all five cases, the authority has detected numerous illegal conduct, since there is no information on the early closure of the contract to activation and migration procedures without the explicit and autonomous demand from the consumer to end with the charge or The forecast of unpaid costs due to lack of legal information.

For Tiscali there was an aggravating failure to comply with the teleselling procedures envisaged by the discipline, while Wind Tre and Fastweb would not have passed the terms for exercising the right of rethinking. For this Wind Tre was fined for a total amount of 2,100.00 euros, Fastweb for 2,000,000 euros, TIM for 2,000,000 euros, Vodafone for 1,900,000 euros while Tiscali received a penalty of 1,000,000 euros .

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