Android stands at 85% of the market in the first quarter of 2017, almost gone Windows Phone

IDC data on deploying mobile operating systems is pretty impetuous with Windows Phone, which is about to disappear from the market. Redmond’s giant mobile system has reached the minimum historic level, reaching 0.1% of the market, the same figure for the “Other” category, which includes the few survivors.

As always the undisputed market leader is Android, which in the first quarter of 2017 has recovered on iOS and stands at 85%, against 14.7% of the Cupertino operating system. Among the producers, the first place is busy, as is the case, by Samsung, which sees a sharp increase in its shares, which go from 18% in Q4 2016 when the South Korean giant had been exceeded by Apple, to 23.3% Of the first quarter of 2017.

Second place is Apple, with 14.7%, while the virtual podium is occupied by Huawei with 10%. They close the top five two live standings, OPPO and live, respectively with 7.5 and 5.5% respectively. Continue to drop the average smartphone price, which stands at $ 220 but should drop below $ 200 by 2012, when at least 1.5 billion Android smartphones will be marketed.

Meanwhile, the “poor” Windows Phone sold just 1.1 million units in the first quarter and it seems that things are going to get worse further in the coming quarters.



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