Sony: New network to “influencer” bind

Sony: New network to "influencer" bind

“Influencers” are of increasing importance for the distribution of products. Sony has also recognized the relevance of these advertising media: the new PlayStation Influencer Network (PSIN) is designed to facilitate access to PlayStation products and bind them to the company.

About the PSIN, influencers can become ” part of the PlayStation World “, it says on the homepage. This participation means ” Exclusive content up to sampling “, invitations to events with possibilities for playing new games or talking to developers, access to press material and contact for ideas or questions.

Whether and what support is given will depend primarily on the scope of the performance. However, everyone is not left in the “PlayStation world”: When registering, the complete address, a picture and links to social network appearances – alongside YouTube or Twitch – can also be found under Instranet or Specify Twitter – required as proof of coverage.

The Importance of Influencers

Influencers are important as advertising media, among other things, because they present products, often electronics and fashion, to a large group of people. In doing so, they make their reach and authenticity as well as credibility into money. This business model is also of increasing interest to publishers of video games. Instead of traditional media, companies are more likely to prefer to use advertising that, for example, sooner or later access new publications to Bethesda or EA and guarantee balanced reporting.

Because of their business model, influencers are repeatedly exposed to creep, especially since they often earn a good portion of their income from the presentation of (partly own) products. Uwe Schüder (“Flying Uwe”) was therefore sentenced to a financial penalty by the Medienanstalt Hamburg / Schleswig – Holstein: The media agency had classified video content as a “permanent advertisement”, which were not identified as such 10.500 Euro fine punished.



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