Freenetmobile improves freeSMART tariffs in the Vodafone network

Freenetmobile improves freeSMART tariffs – freenetmobile has improved the conditions of the in-house freeSMART tariffs and increased the inclusive volume. At the same time the one-time connection price was reduced.

Freenetmobil freeSMART tariffs

In the online shop of freenetmobile the freeSMART tariffs are now available with a higher data volume. The tariffs are still available with and without running time and are implemented in the UMTS and HSDPA network of Vodafone.

The freeSMART tariffs 400, 1000 and 2000 cost with a running time of 24 months 3,95 Euro, 5,95 Euro and 7,95 Euro per month. The freeSMART 400 provides 100 freemasons in all networks and 400 MB with up to 21 Mbps. In the freeSMART tariffs 1000 and 2000, 100 freemasons and 100 SMS are included in all networks as well as monthly data volumes of 1 GB and 2 GB. The maximum surfing speed is 21.6 Mbps and 42.2 Mbps.

Freenetmobil freeSMART 400, 1000 and 2000

Without a fixed bond, 5,95 Euro, 7,95 Euro and 9,95 Euro will be charged for the three tariffs. While the freeSMART contains 100 freemins in all networks, the freeSMART tariffs 1000 and 2000 are each 100 minutes and 100 SMS included. The monthly data volume is 400 MB, 1 GB and 2 GB with 21 Mbit / s, 21.6 Mbps and 42.2 Mbps.

Each follow-up and SMS costs in the freeSMART 400 9 cents each, in the freeSMART 1000 and freeSMART 2000 in each case 8 cents are raised. The one-time connection costs depending on the run-time version at 9.95 euros or 19.95 euros.

The revised freeSMART tariffs are now available at



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