In the summer, it would fly less from smartphones: an analysis reveals surprising data

If you think that in the summer there is a considerable increase in consumption of MB of data connection, it seems you are wrong. And you’re not alone. According to the analysis carried out by SoSTariffe the average requirement is even 22% lower than the rest of the year.

The revelation comes from the analysis of requests for comparing various mobile tariffs for these summer months, according to this estimate in Italy are required an average of  1,916 MB per month , compared with 2,468 MB of the rest of the year (-22%). A percentage close to 50% of users SoSTariffe says it needs 2 GB per month for data traffic, 18% required 4 GB, 1 GB 11%, 10% 3 GB; the remaining 11% is satisfied with amount between 100 MB and 750 MB.

Why do you think during the holidays you should consume less MB? While, in fact, you can be “distracted” by other things during the summer (the sea, the mountains, the lake, the walks), it is also true that often during the holiday you have available only the connection data to quench our “thirst for information”.

According to a survey last year, when you are on holiday you come to consume a maximum of 500 MB of data traffic from smartphones: 2 GB in question appear to have more than enough, but only if you frequently watch videos, which are the main perpetrators of the term of the GB.

The table above shows us here, finally, the average data consumption divided by Italian region : on the podium are Lazio (only to break an altitude of 2000, reaching 2,003 MB), Lombardia (1891 MB) and Puglia (1,866 MB). At the lower end we find Umbria (854 MB) and Valle d’Aosta, with just 652 MB consumed.

And what you consume your data offered during the summer? How many GB you would need?



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