According to AGCOM, it is increasingly difficult to get free withdrawal from telephone operators

A growing number of complaints to ‘exponentially AGCOM by Italian users, mainly because of changes in the contractual conditions and the application of decommissioning costs not due. This is a summary of the Annual Report 2017 published by Juice Authority for Communications, which highlights an unpleasant situation for users.

It grows in fact the dissatisfaction of users, mostly due to the transition to invoicing on a basis of 28 days, which has in fact increased from 12 to 13 the royalties to be paid over a year. They fivefold with complaints related to rescheduling quadrupled but also those relating to decommissioning costs and the high timing in the processing of requests for withdrawal.

It is clear a worsening trend of the service offered to users before they are forced to suffer the rescheduling and struggling to get free withdrawal, required by law, especially in a reasonable time. AGCOM has not elevated powers in this regard and the limited sanctions imposed, slightly lower than the three million euro in 2016, represents a far too weak a deterrent.

They are also emerging the first problems related to European roaming free , but from this point of view is already moving something. The Government has indeed inserted an amendment into European law to ensure greater power that AGCOM will take action against operators that violate European regulations.

And you, are you satisfied with the treatment received by telephone operators? Have you had problems in the change of manager or withdrawal? The comments box is at your disposal.



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