IPhone 8: New notes on Touch ID dipped

IPhone 8 Render Image Source ForbesIPhone 8 Touch ID – Apple keeps itself as always covered when it comes to new iPhones. It is still unclear, for example, where Apple will integrate the fingerprint sensor. An accessory manufacturer has published a rendering model on the basis of model plans, which could indicate the placement of the sensor.

IPhone 8: Where does the fingerprint sensor come from?

The iPhone 8 to be expected for the ten-year iPhone anniversary is to be a completely new reworking smartphone, with new display and new features on board. Expected instead of an LC screen, an OLED display, which is to occupy almost the entire front front.

Every week, there are new speculations about where Apple will place the fingerprint sensor. According to a report from Forbes, an accessory manufacturer provides new information here.

Accessory manufacturer interprets fingerprint sensor

Even before a new smartphone is launched or presented for the first time, accessories manufacturers are preparing their products for new devices. Manufacturers, such as Apple, must therefore already provide initial information on new smartphones, as otherwise an offer from the accessories manufacturers can not be done in time.

According to the Forbes report, the Nodus 3D contactor manufacturer has received model plans from the iPhone 8, from which renderings were then made. The rendering image is similar to Leaks from earlier and already indicates the appearance of the iPhone 8. However, there is an interesting feature about how Touch ID could be integrated. Compared to previous models, the Powerbutton has been unusually large. It is therefore assumed that Apple will integrate the touch ID sensor into this button. In a patent, Apple had already received this technology earlier.



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