Facebook celebrates the World Emoji Day with 16 new stickers

The team Facebook celebrates the World Day Emoji with the addition of 16 new adhesives based on Emoji films – Turn on the emotions .

To send new stickers Facebook users simply need to:

  1. open a chat (which is a new or existing non-change) in Messenger and plug icon smiling
  2. Look for “Emoji Movie” in the search bar of the adhesives
  3. Select the stickers you want and send them

According to what is revealed by Facebook, every day there are more than 60 million of the smilies that are used on the popular social network users and the most common globally in the last 30 days has been the one with the tear of joy, followed by smiling with eyes a little heart and one that sends a kiss. On Messenger the three most common are the same but the second and third positions are reversed.

You also love to use emoticons to share your mood? Tell us about your experiences with a comment to this news or on our social channels.



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