Strategy Analytics: 55% of smartphones sold have fingerprint sensors

Samsung Galaxy S8

Until a few years ago sensors for fingerprint recognition were a feature found only on some of the range (top smartphone in 2013 were only about 3% of models sold), now they represent a very common feature.

Confirmation, if any were needed, it is also a research conducted by Strategy Analytics , that around 55% of currently sold globally smartphone can count on the sensor for fingerprints.

The most common location for such sensors is that the front (in 90% of cases), with greater probability that it is located in the center below the display.

The growth of the diffusion of such features has been impressive: from 3% of smartphones in 2013, in fact, it has gone to 10% in 2014, to 23% in 2015, to 40% in 2016 up to the current 55%. According to forecasts, by 2020 there could be 1.45 billion smartphone equipped with a fingerprint sensor.

And the next step in this particular area has already been set: it is the integration of the fingerprint sensor in the display glass.



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