Jide Technology abandons the consumer market and all its products, starting with Remix OS

With a place posted on their social profiles,  Jide Technology announces the abandonment of the market for consumer disputes exclusively to that enterprise. Abandonment concerns thus also all the products marketed to date, as Remix Remix and Mini OS also available for PCs with x86 architecture.

They will also abandoned the recent projects presented on Kickstarter, like Remix IO who had successfully completed the crowdfunding campaign to November last year, but that still has not arrived in the hands of buyers. But it seems that by the middle of agosto Jide Technology refund all buyers, as well as users who had carried out the pre-order on online store.

Last year we received an increasing number of requests from a number of industries, and we started to help in the creation of useful tools to their organizations, also using Jide Technology hardware and software. We saw a huge potential in the role that Jide will star in the business of its customers revolution. Given our resources, we decided to concentrate our efforts only company on the enterprise market. “

There is no information on the possible support for hardware and software already sold, but it will hardly be possible to get it. It was, at least for the consumer market, an adventure that had begun in the best way, with a huge amount raised on Kickstarter in just a few hours.



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