StarCraft 2 War Chest: Skinbundle for money to unlock

StarCraft 2 War Chest: Skinbundle for money to unlock

Blizzard sells three Skinbundles for StarCraft 2, the Terraner, Protoss and Zerg miss new robes. Unusual is the mode Operandi: The skins are not available with the purchase of a “War Chest”, they must be released after purchase. Only a limited period of time is available.

Three War Chests can be bought from July 19th onwards for ten Euro each, the complete package costs as bundle just under 25 Euro. A quarter of the purchase price will benefit the eSports scene around the strategy game. Included are skins for units that give the Terrans the look of the Dominion Special Forces, Protoss in the robe of the Forged wrap, and let Zerg appear as part of the Leviathan Brood.

In addition, each war chest contains a decal, sprays, emoticons and player portraits. The first purchase of the skin pack is also sweetened with a Blizzard exclusive Tal’darim pet for Diablo 3, a booty box for Heroes of the Storm and a card pack for Hearthstone.

Buying and marveling does not work with War Chests, however, because Blizzard has decided for an exotic and quite complicated mechanics in the background. With the purchase of a package, only two things are immediately available: the skin for the worker unit (WBF / drone / probe) and a black-and-white portrait.

All other components of a War Chest must be unlocked by playing Coop or Versus games in StarCraft 2. With this, experience points are collected which, in turn, make skins accessible in different levels. Experience points are gathered simultaneously for all three race crates, even if a crate has not yet been purchased. In this way, the retroactive acquisition releases the already achieved skin level in a retroactive manner.

However, the steps are not immediately accessible, and they will only be available in three stages on July 19, August 16 and September 13. The staggered access has a meaning in this case: It follows the stage-wise publication of the Shadow Wars comic, which continues the story of StarCraft 2 after the events of Legacy of the Void and Nova Covert Ops to Blizzards Hausmesse Blizzcon in the autumn.

The time limit

That is not enough, there is also a double time limit. The purchase of the War Chests is only possible until the 4th of October. After that, there is a double the amount of experience points to unlock the skins for a month and then there is no way to get any missing War-Chest components.

In the plain text, this means: Unauthorized parts of a crate are forfeited. According to Blizzard, however, players have no reason to ” worry ” because all skins of the crates are offered ” at a later date individually for a full price “, so can be bought once again. So if you buy a box and do not play or do not play enough, you do not get any additional or not all skins. The company is speculating on reviving the online part of StarCraft 2 in the run-up to Blizzcon and the eSport tournament taking place there.



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