Free way for Iliad by the Italian Antitrust: no concentration

In the report published today by the Italian Competition Authority (AGCM), it is the resolution that officially gives the green light for entry into Italy of Iliad , the fourth mobile operator that will fill the void left by the merger of Wind and Three .

The authorities had intervened on the acquisition by the French group, of certain assets including frequencies, transmitting sites and personnel assigned by the company WindTre SpA Although the operation itself constitute a merger, since involves the acquisition of a division of an undertaking, does not fall within the scope of law 287/90.

There is in fact satisfied the requirement of total revenue, which does not exceed 499 million EUR at the national level by the participating companies. Iliad has achieved in Italy a turnover of less than one million euro, for which there are no grounds to proceed with additional controls and measures.

The French group will thus complete the acquisition of assets from WindTre SpA and proceed to build its network. The debut is expected later this year, although still no official dates about.



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