The Republic of San Marino could be the first to host the 5G

During today the Republic of San Marino and Telecom are expected to sign a deal that could make the small country the first to host a 5G coverage. The anticipation comes from Sole 24 Ore, which contains the idea of “making the Republic of San Marino the first country in Europe, and among the first in the world to have a 5G” mobile network. Incredible speeds in play, we speak of 20 Gigabit download and response times in the order of 4 milliseconds.

How we learn the materialisation of the Agreement between TIM and the heads of the Republic it would be a matter of hours, and will allow the operator to start testing technology that could have an effect already by the end of 2018 . The agreement aims to achieve the necessary frequencies and to install the necessary infrastructure. A bolt from the blue when you consider that the coverage of 4G by TIM San Marino is not yet complete.

The benefits of a network much faster not only involve the public but also the Republic of the Titan who can use it to implement ad hoc public safety services, and have a greater fleet management capabilities of public transport and remote surveillance systems.



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