Ider, the design of a Turin startup promises to change our habits

Smartphones have reshaped lifestyles. Think of how many operations have been simplified and how many potential find space in our pockets. With an ordinary internet connection and a “mobile phone” we can do everything, but some processes are cumbersome. The occasion served to Leonetti and Mauro Fabrizio Meli to trigger the idea, intuition: for it is on the bulb and they put on Jlm, a young startup which aims to simplify what still is not easy.

As the practices related to a variety of services that fill the digital age: password and user different profiles to authenticate and record sheets to be integrated with a thousand details. A large shed, in the era of “all at once.” Thus it was born Ider , an app that promises to make our life easier. At the base is a square now familiar to all: just point a QR Code and Ider, to which we have previously given our general, will do the rest, allowing you to login to services or purchase goods without loss of time or memory exercises.

You know “comes in with Google”? More or less the logic Ider is the same applied outside a computer. Will the Turin startup rewriting, once again, our habits?



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