Mobilcom-debitel: Improved data tariff in the telecom and Vodafone network

mobilcom-debitel Logomobilcom-debitel improved data rates – mobilcom-debitel has revised its own data tariffs Vodafone and telecom network and offers them immediately with a higher speed and larger data volume. In part, waiting for the rates on LTE speeds.

mobilcom-debitel improved data plans

Those interested can book with a higher data volume and faster surfing speeds, the data rates of mobilcom-debitel now. The offers are available in the online shop and be realized in the networks Telekom and Vodafone. The minimum contract period is 24 months each.

In the network of Telekom tariffs Internet Flat 2000, Internet-Flat 4,000 and 10,000 Internet Flat are available which can be booked for 14.99 euros, 19.99 euros and 29.99 euros per month. They contain a monthly volume of 2 GB, 4GB, and 10 GB with maximum Surf speeds of 50 Mbit / s and 150 Mbit / s via LTE. 1000 promotion can be booked, the Internet flat rate as an action which for 9.99 euros per month, a volume of 1 GB up to 14.4 Mbit / s offers. Here, however, lacks the LTE access, there are UMTS and HSDPA are used.

mobilcom-debitel data plans with LTE

The Internet-Flats 2,000, 5,000, 12,000 and 20,000 respectively can be booked in the Vodafone network and cost 14.99 euros, 19.99 euros, 29.99 euros and 39.99 euros per month. They contain 2 GB, 5 GB, 12 GB and 20 GB with maximum LTE-Surf speeds of 500 Mbit / s.

“Once again bears mobilcom-debitel customer needs and market development into account and significantly improve the much-used data plan portfolio,” Rick man explains von Platen, CEO of mobilcom-debitel. “In many tariffs we offer almost double the inclusive or the maximum download speed, including LTE. So that we are clear on the pulse on the data plan market. ”




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