Developed a firewall that protects Android smartphones from compromised components

A threat to smartphones can also get from their components (such as touchscreen, chargers and sensors), as they have weak security settings but it seems to be a new solution for this vulnerability was found.

Every time that a user replaces a faulty component (think of the screen), the original security settings are compromised: this is because the different units of the smartphone interact with the CPU through a simple interface that does not require authentication mechanisms.

To avoid trouble in case of replacement of a component, a group of researchers expert in cyber security has developed a new firewall program that provides the level of missing protection in these situations.

This firewall, created by researchers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev led by Dr. Yossi Oren , was “designed” to work on Android smartphones .

The risk you run when it is inserted into a compromised smartphone component: what, in fact, endangers the security of passwords and data, and in some cases it can even survive a factory reset or software updates.

The solution unearthed by Dr. Oren’s team should be appreciated by phone manufacturers, it is a firewall that can be implemented in a small chip or as an independent module connected to the CPU.

To learn more we’ll have to wait until next month when more details will be provided and demonstrations.



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