Samsung, Acer and Apple offer the best service

DISQ logoSamsung, Acer and Apple – The smartphone manufacturers Samsung, Acer and Apple offer the best service and could convince in a test of the German Institute for Service Quality. With the other manufacturers the support showed weaknesses.

Samsung, Acer and Apple

With a total of 369 service contacts, the German Institute for Service Quality DISQ has tested the support of various smartphone manufacturers. The nine companies surveyed were contacted ten times by telephone, e-mail and chat. In addition, ten tests of the Internet sites were conducted by trained test users as well as a detailed content analysis of the website.

The result: The service was the best with Samsung, Acer and Apple, the three manufacturers secured the first three places with 74.8 points, 74.1 points and 71.8 points and the respective overall “good” score. Samsung succeeded in the first place through a good telephone service and a good Internet appearance. The testers waited an average of 15 seconds on the telephone, the employees stepped up confidently and gave clear information. Also the support by email and chat convinced, the website offered numerous information and support.

Smartphone manufacturers with best service

At Acer, especially the exceptionally good e-mail processing, which already after about two hours promised an individual response, which completely came to the concern. The telephone contact came quickly and delivered good answers, even with the chat, eight of ten issues could be completely clarified by the consultants.

Apple’s strength was in the web appearance, “best in the user rating” and a high amount of information. “Employees demonstrate competence on the phone. Just as in the online chats, they are comparatively individual to the interested parties, “it says.

Majority provides satisfying service

The majority of the smartphone manufacturers offered in the test only a satisfying service. They include Huawei, HTC, Sony, LG and Microsoft. For Lenovo, it was enough for a “sufficient”. Above all, superficial information on the telephone, too many technical terms and the lack of individuality in the consultation were negative. The service chat often brought long reaction times and started only after a waiting time of about one minute. “Nevertheless, this contact route is a serious alternative: the concerns and problems of the prospective customers and customers are finally clarified in about 79 percent of the cases,” says DISQ.

Further details on the test can be found on the Institute’s website.



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