Anytime: Amazon checks entry into messenger market

Anytime: Amazon verified entry into messenger market

Amazon may start its own messenger service. According to one report, the company user has asked about their interest in such a service. Here, described the Amazon Anytime service called very concrete.

Everything that has a Messenger to offer

Anytime therefore the full range would offer features that a modern messenger must have nowadays: it is to function smoothly on desktop, iPhone and Android, provide video and audio chat, support GIFs, stickers and emoji, allow group chats, filters for photos Files offer, but also allow bills location sharing and enable to top it all the chat with businesses. In addition, everything would be encrypted.

From links to the digital assistants Echo family is out of the question. But – this is just a guess – probably would Anytime example, allow video calls with the new, available only in the US Echo show. And audio calls and voice messages are now possible between echo devices and between smartphones and tablets with Alexa-app – for now but also in the US only.

A messenger for businesses have been around

A messenger service Amazon has already started in February 2017: Chime is aimed at companies and runs on the infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS). With Anytime the provider could now try to bind private customers even more directly in itself, without having to go for example to pass via the Facebook Messenger.



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