Say goodbye to the brands or manufacturers Bloatware with our guide

There, there is likely to be no term for the Bloatware term, but it is even more likely that you know what it is about. How many times have you wanted to uninstall any annoying, useless, unused, system app? Or maybe that of the operator who brandished your smartphone, which remains there despite having another phone operator? Well, with the help we suggest you will be able to take off any app, and without root!

The procedure is simple, in Italian, and you can find it in our forum featuring an example video produced by the XDA team. Of course, we recommend that you follow the written letter in order to avoid irreparable damage. Likewise, be aware that the steps are taken at your own risk, and neither the driver nor the forum can be held responsible for any damage. So straight antennas and active brain!

The guide has been tested and worked on a number of devices like LG G6, Google Pixel, Galaxy S8 and many others so why not try the collision?



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