“Orcs in Space”: Blizzard looks to StarCraft

"Orcs in Space": Blizzard looks to StarCraft

The forthcoming release of StarCraft’s remastered version takes Blizzard to take a look at the history of the 20-year-old strategy game ever in a video series. The success story began with ” Orks in space ” and a lot of chaos.

At first more embarrassed

The first version of StarCraft was developed before the E3 in 1996 rather from embarrassment: Blizzard had nothing to show yet. The presented, quickly aggregated Alpha version therefore showed clear similarities to WarCraft 2, which gave the title first the description ” Orks in space “. However, the unified responses prompted the developers to redesign the concept.

While most developers initially completed Diablo 1, the title engine was designed in parallel from the ground up to enable you to make the most of all planned features – including units that run in one direction but look into another. The camera perspective was also transferred to the isometric view. In other places, technical limitations could not be circumvented: problems with the rendering of the 3D objects and the limitation to 15 colors per model remained and forced an over-the-top style, which became characteristic for games of the enterprise.

The development, as Blizzard shows, was not necessarily organized. A group of ” friendly Mittzwanziger, who worked 60 hours a week and half days on weekends “, would have developed StarCraft without great thought – ” a wild improvisation after the next “. Things that the team found to be ” cool ” were built in. The art design was based on gross ideas based on the principle of trial and error, the employees were followed by ” instincts “.

This chaotic strategy of ” wild, spontaneous innovation, ” which makes the company responsible for the success of younger games, has led StarCraft to produce the interim sequencies before safety was over the rest of the game. Neither the units had been finished, nor anybody had any idea how the story should look at all. Even the economic system, the determination on the raw materials minerals and vespingas, the team would have met four months before the release.

It’s not what you learn in business school. It’s sort of the way to say, no, no, no, no, no, no. Given enough freedom to iterate, and game directors, who does not abuse that freedom-out of that comes Overwatch, and Hearthstone. , , And StarCraft.


And the sales expectations? Blizzard had hoped to sell 100,000 copies, one according to today’s standards, according to which even paragraphs in the low single-digit million range can be considered a bust, surprisingly small number. In fact, the strategy game has sold millions of dollars and, thanks to the online platform Battle.net, developed into an eSports hit, which is still being played today.

Now available free of charge

The fascination StarCraft can now be tried free of charge: The classic offers Blizzard now free to download. Pretty graphics costs however extra, the Remastered version can be purchased from 14 August for just under 15 euros.



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