James Franco is back, but on the blackpills platform

I present you more James Franco that you should already be familiar. But for blackpills , I do not know if you fall. Remember, this is the platform dedicated to mobile SVOD market. Announced last year, it is finally in the middle of spring this year that blackpills was launched in France. If you do not know, I advise you this summer as it is a platform dedicated to short films and short content, better suited to mobile use as living room.

Still, that since June 26 is available exclusively on blackpills, the new season of the series of James Franco , Making the Scene . The executive producers of the series, Vince Jolivette and Eric Day said in this regard:

We hope that fans of the series will be as excited as us to the idea of spending exclusively on Blackpills. We worked with people of great talent in blackpills, which allowed to have made amazing. Fans will love.

And Patrick Holzman, founder of blackpills:

Producing a show with James Franco is completely natural for blackpills, it represents our values: it is radical, engaged and at the same time completely blocked. It is one of those rare talents in Hollywood who can connect with young people and their times.

In this new series, James Franco portrays the most iconic characters of the small and big screen and offers mashups in any direction. The series, which began in 2014, is built with a wheel on which are written the titles of great movies. When the chance selects two films, Franco team must find a name and a scenario involving both works. It was thus possible to obtain mashups such as Dirty Dancing Dogs (Reservoir Dogs and Dirty Dancing) or BatJuice (Beetlejuice and Batman). The new season will be more focused on viral content of social networks as well as music videos. In 10 episodes of 10 minutes, you’ll get the Beyonce Expres s or Like a Spidervirgin with a lot of guest stars. I let you discover.

blackpills is available on iOS and Android, and it’s free so … 🙂



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