NASA engineer builds largest and most powerful water pistol in the world

Why do you want to make the biggest and most powerful water pistol in the world? Because it’s like that. Mark Rober decided to do so and presented his creation in video.

Water hands!

NASA Engineer Mark Rober presented his creation on his YouTube channel. In his garden, Mark built a huge water pistol using wood and carboys.

This gun is not only big, but it is also powerful, since the jet of water is propelled at 437 kilometers per hour. Enough to cut a watermelon or break glass. Can he cut a human in two? Mark Rober has not tested.

Do you have a garden, free time and a little know-how? Know that you can also make the same gun. Mark being a good man (the proof, he has not tested his machine on man) he offers you the plans as well as the list of materials necessary for the construction of the object.

Hat to him.



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