Facebook is about to introduce the ability to create and share GIF directly from the app

A small, new features introduced by Facebook has not gone unnoticed in the eyes of the keenest enthusiasts. If you usually take pictures through the app of the most popular social network in the world, you might have noticed that there is a new button , up there: GIF. With the built-in camera app Zuckerberg will be possible to record the GIF to be shared immediately.

“From the production sharing” could be a very current motto! Nuff said, the novelty offered at this time the app is the capture of short animated images – those who have tried talking about just a few seconds – to quickly share with your network of friends, relatives and acquaintances. That should be part of a story, your profile or simply stored in the memory of your smartphone, you will be you to decide.

The moment we write the feature seems to be the prerogative of a few users, which lets imagine an incremental rollout only in a few hours to reach the totality of the members. Also some items give at this time allowed to create GIF  only iOS users . Let us know in the comments box if you are part of the “chosen” and what operating system you use!



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