7 Days to Die – Alpha 16: The “most ambitious update since Alpha 1” is here

7 Days to Die - Alpha 16: The "most ambitious update since Alpha 1" is there

As the “most ambitious update since Alpha 1”, the developers of 7 Days to Die are designating the Alpha 16. Now with the new version of the Zombie Survival game with tower defense character, there are new opponents, new locations, new ones Items and much more.

The ellenlangen release notes illustrate the scope of the most recent update and could have turned out to be much longer: the new features were combined from the previous 88 pages to the current extent.

Sleeping zombies, new skyscrapers and electricity

In addition to new zombie types, including the return of the zombie in the Hawaiian shirt, there are now “sleeping” zombies that suddenly come to the undead life. A new rendering system provides more details at a distance. New electrical components enable, for example, self-firing systems operated by a generator or solar cells. Also how and where Zombies spawned, was revised. The 30 new locations include four skyscrapers.

Almost four years old, still not finished, still popular

As a kind of mix of Minecraft and DayZ, the game developed by The Fun Pimps has been available on steam since the end of 2013, following a successful Crowdfunding round in the Early Access program. Despite the still unfinished character, the game is highly popular and was released in 2016 with the help of Telltale Games on game consoles.



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