AGCOM, approved the plan for telephone facilitation for people affected by earthquakes in Central Italy

L ‘ Authority for the Communications , institution to which he had been assigned the task of defining the telephone breaks for victims of the earthquake in Central Italy during the past year, has recently approved a special support plan for the inhabitants of affected areas by the earthquake.

The subsidies relate both users and businesses ; They are provided slight differences depending all’agibilità or all’inagibilità of houses and offices, but in any case the will of the measure is to provide support to all those who have incurred economic damage in the earthquake. As for the fixed network , the Authority established the reversal of all the invoices for the months of non-use of the service following the earthquake; Furthermore, in all cases of unavailability to homes and offices it is possible to withdraw from the free service.

Also incentives are provided to the mobile network : users and businesses with uninhabitable homes or offices will benefit from a discount of 50% on the half-year period of expenditure and extra 1 GB of data traffic per month; Moreover, regardless dall’agibilità seat, businesses will be entitled to a discount of 50% on the fixed or mobile network services.

The costs of the facilities may be covered, fully or partially, by telephone operators ; in the second case the non-incurred costs will be distributed over the entire customers resorting to a modest increase in one-off , the magnitude of which the Authority has promised to be vigilant. To learn more, please visit the press release issued by AGCOM.



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