Gelosia 3.0: Is the smartphone one of the main causes of family disputes?

The smartphone has definitely entered our lives (maybe too much), we can not do it any more, but this can sometimes lead to friction and quarreling in the family for several reasons. We find a curious infographic (called “Gelosia 3.0”) that explains how we actually sometimes have a relationship too tight with it, at the expense of those around us.

We use the smartphone to do everything we can to read news, socialize, take photos, search the Internet, book travel and restaurants, track sports, listen to music, and more. However, we do not realize at some times that an ever-increasing and continuous use of our mobile devices has a negative impact on human relationships, even within the domestic walls.

The phone is becoming more and more subject to discord in families and European couples, including Italy: in the Bel Country, there are 27 million people using smartphones every day and the population spreads up to 85%.

According to a survey conducted in EU countries, many claim to often quarrel in family because of the smartphone, regardless of the age group; the reasons? You can see them in the infographic and include spending too much time on the display, receiving messages at night, browsing socially by other people, excessive emails and Facebook notifications received.

For the EU average, it is more concerned with its partner (17%), followed by children, friends and roommates (15%); Below we find the parents (11%), then brothers, sisters, grandparents and uncles (7%). Devices are used at least 200 times a day on average, even at night: this period is controlled mainly by the 18-24 year old (53%), followed by that of 25-34 (46%) and so on.

If you are interested in learning more, you can refer to the source link below. Do you often dispute with your family and friends because of the smartphone? Let us know in the usual comment box.

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