WhatsApp: sending all types opens doors for cybercriminals

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WhatsApp has been sending all data types – WhatsApp has already provided a new feature for some Android users, which the messenger is now rolling out over a large area. After an update it will be possible to send all data types, including zip or APK files, via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp: Send all file types

A new feature is now available for all WhatsApp Android users. After the update installation, all data types can now be sent via the messenger. Even zip or APK files are not excluded.

As the website AndroidAuthority reports, however, files can only be sent to friends up to a size of 100 MB. Whether this possibility would lead to new targets for cybercriminals can not be dealt with here.

Dateiversand could clear way for attackers

Cybercriminals use the world’s most popular Messenger WhatsApp also for their own purposes. Dangerous chain letters or messages with links that contain malware and install malicious software are not uncommon with WhatsApp. The goal is usually to come to personal data or to impose chargeable subscriptions to the user. The fact that all types of data can be sent to friends from now on will probably also benefit cybercriminals because infected APK files can also be sent.

To ensure that your own smartphone is spared from such viruses in the future, caution is advised. Programs that come from the Messenger should be installed only after extensive investigation, for example through Internet search. The same applies, of course, to zip files, if they are transmitted by unknowns, because the file was first opened, it is usually too late to do something. Whether the developers to introduce WhatsApp to security a new feature, is not known so far.



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