Vodafone launches new smart tariffs in August

Vodafone network capacityVodafone Smart new tariffs – In August, Vodafone is reportedly the first to launch a new smart portfolio to the market and offer five new tariffs in the style of Red fares. These have different content and access to the LTE network of the network operator.

Vodafone Smart new tariffs

As reported mobiFlip, Vodafone revised its own smart portfolio and brings on August 1, 2017, five new Smart tariffs on the market, based on the current Red-offer. The offers hear the name Smart S, M Smart, Smart L, L + Smart and Smart XL and LTE Max realized (up to 500 Mbit / s).

The Smart previously available tariffs are replaced by the new offerings that are each 2 euros more expensive than the previous offers. The five new Smart tariffs cost through the price adjustment 14.99 euros, 21.99 euros, 31.99 euros, 36.99 euros and 41.99 euros per month and have a term of 24 months each. The one-off connection price is 39.99 euros.

Vodafone Smart S bis XL

The Vodafone Smart S includes 50 free minutes to all German networks and 200 SMS, mobile data flat has a monthly capacity of 250 MB. Smart M 500 call minutes and SMS-Flat and 750 MB are included. The rates Smart L, L + Smart and Smart XL each include a voice and SMS flat and mobile data amounts of 2 GB, 3 GB and 4GB. The EU Roaming is included in all five rates.

As usual with Vodafone, comes after reaching the volume limit automatic data used up to three times zubucht an additional volume of 100 MB for the price of 2 per euro. The data control can be deselected if desired, in this case a throttling on GPRS level takes place after consumption of the amount of data.




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