According to Truecaller, Italy is second in Europe for the number of spam calls

According TrueCaller , well-known application for Android we have already had occasion to speak several times (including in our study), Italy reaches a great location in a very little positive ranking, we are in 2nd place in Europe for the number of spam calls .

The app, available for both Android and for iOS, can count on more than 250 million users globally: Unfortunately, according to newly released data, Italy reaches an average of well 2.2 million unwanted calls per month ( + 37% over last year), a result that allows us to grab the 2nd place in Europe and 13th in the world.

According to the Special Insights Report, which gathered data anonymously from 1 million Italians in the period between January 1 and May 31, 2017, the 53% of spam phone calls about the telemarketing and 23% telecom operators, while the rest is divided between scam, financial services, banking, insurance and various hassles.

Globally, the top places are occupied by India, the USA and Brazil, while only the United Kingdom (11th) is able to overcome Italy in Europe; the only other country in the old continent in the top 20 overall is Greece, in 16th place. Please note that TrueCaller allows to thwart unwanted calls , although as we have seen is not the only application able to do that on Android.



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