IPhone 8: Market launch should shift by at least three weeks

IPhone 8 in White Martin Hajek on TwitterIPhone 8 later mark start – Some special features that Apple wants to integrate into the premium smartphone iPhone 8, do not seem to be ready in time for the intended market launch. Although it was previously assumed that certain technologies are not mature, this is now confirmed by the analyst of the “Bank of America Merrill Lynch”.

IPhone 8: Certain features start later

About the market start different rumors. It is currently suspected a launch of the Apple iPhone 8 at the September Keynote. Times is called the iPhone 8 punctually for Christmas in the trade, another time is October as mark start.

The reason for these statements are special features that Apple wants to integrate into the iPhone 8. As CNBC reports, analysts of the “Bank of America Merrill Lynch” are now expected to assume that a market launch will be postponed by three or more weeks. Two specific Apple technologies are to blame for the delay.

3D.Frontkamera and Touch ID still make problems

Already in April first reports showed that the suppliers are overstretched. Among other things, the production of the 3D front camera, which is suspected for the iPhone 8, will present difficulties. Even a fingerprint sensor developed in the display itself is to be available only in September for mass production. In addition, the production of the OLED screens probably not as desired. Whether this is the reason for the delay, however, is not mentioned in the CNBC report.

Although the production of the new Apple A11 chip started already in mid-May, the mentioned features could lead to a delayed launch and consequently also to start the market. Instead of in September, the iPhone 8 could be presented in October. It would also be possible for Apple to abandon one of the technologies altogether in order not to be in default or still get the problems in time. Cover image: iPhone 8 in white Martin Hajek on Twitter



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