irobot spear roomba 695 and 891 in italy: robot vacuum cleaner control for android

irobot expands its portfolio italian vacuuming robot and throw in our country, two new models, both equipped with smart features, the series 600 and 800.
irobot roomba 695 e irobot roomba 891 have both features wi fi and this means that they are controlled remotely through the app, available for android.
it is possible, for example, even if it’s out of the house, to monitor the state, initiate a cleaning or, why not plan a daily or weekly cycle, perhaps in terms of a return from holiday.
of course, both complement characteristics of importance from the point of view of the system of pulizia. irobot roomba 695 can count on a cleaning system to three stages for cleaning carpets, carpet and floors of any kind, while irobot roomba 891 on a cleaning system, called aero force, ideal for collecting and separating the hair of animals.
irobot roomba 695 e irobot roomba 891 are on sale in italy through official channels, respectively, in 549 and 649 euro, prices is not particularly high compared to those of other products in the category.



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