Mass Effect Andromeda: Ten hours of demo for all players

Mass Effect Andromeda: Ten hours long demo for all players

Whether Mass Effect Andromeda is a good, bad or just boring game, players can find out for yourself now: EA allows all interested Origin users to try out the controversial role play for ten hours without limitation in single-player mode.

A playing time of ten hours in this case is theoretically sufficient for the title four times play out: The current speed run world record (YouTube) is 130 minutes and 30 seconds to complete the main story. In the run side quests, Atmosphere, dialogs and other components of role-playing entertainment are, however, lies ignored.

So far, had to be completed for the use of the test phase, a subscription of Origin or EA-access service. This condition does not apply now until November 1, 2017 is a prerequisite on Windows PCs only a free Origin account to download the game via the shop. Additional property the demo on the store pages of the platform operator on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are available.

After the disappointing sales of EA Mass Effect Andromeda is located until further on ice, another series part is not currently in development. Also another single player content, it is not expected to be in favor of a focus on the multiplayer part of the title.




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