Xiaomi plans to sell and sell in Germany

Xiaomi Mi 6 image ManufacturerXiaomi soon in Germany – The Chinese smartphone maker is not only known for top smartphones at an affordable price, and it is a pioneer for trends such as the almost rimless display in Xiaomi Mi mix. Unfortunately, devices from the manufacturer’s portfolio are so far available only through online import detours. According to reports, that could soon change, because Xiaomo plans stores in twelve European cities, also in Germany.

Xiaomi: Shop in Deustchland geplant

The Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has become one of the biggest-selling smartphone manufacturer in a relatively short time. The manufacturer’s smartphones offer top hardware, innovative equipment and put in the past, new trends. The Xiaomi Mi mix was one of the first devices with almost borderless display.

The comparatively very cheap smartphones Xiaomi can currently only be purchased through the cumbersome and mostly paid import routes. According to reports, Xiaomi plans to open 1,000 stores abroad within the next three years, reports the Handelsblatt. Germany is also provided as a location.

1,000 stores in Europe

The planned expansion plans was Global Sales Ditector Liu Yi known to the Handelsblatt. Xiaomi sat far only on online sales, 1,000 stores will open with partners abroad. Among other countries Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Hungary, Slovakia and Greece were called. Further, Western Europe, thus also provided Germany, said Liu Yi over the Handelsblatt. A precise timetable does not yet exist.

Xiaomi wants to publicize its brand in selected markets. Senior Vice President Xiang Wang told the US television channel CNBC: “Seeing is believing” and “You have to give people the opportunity to try the product first. We want to prove that you do not have to spend a lot of money for a very high quality smartphone. “



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